Apothecary Genetics Grape Ape, Kaia Kush, Sour Grapes, & Jocure OG are no longer available in seed form.

Cuttings are available from licensed and authorized distributors after August, 2018.

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Apothecary Genetics

The Apothecary Genetics crew started growing in the early 90’s in Gig Harbor, Washington. In 2004, Bret Bogue opened Apothecary Genetics in Northern California, we created such strains as Grape Ape aka GDP, Old School Jams, Kaia Kush and Sour Grapes.  In 2009, Apothecary® Genetics moved to Southern California and the work continued. Over 20 years of cultivation and research, our strains have been featured in many leading cannabis publications, including High Times Magazine, Cannabis Culture, Red Eye, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Skunk Magazine, Ed Rosenthal’s Big Book of Buds 3 and The Cannabible. We offer all organic, regular cannabis seeds just as nature intended, created from the finest landrace genetics and hybrids on planet Earth! 


Why Should You Choose Apothecary Genetics?

 Organically Grown                    Award Winning Genetics          Stable, Consistent Strains

 Regular Seeds (No Hermies!)      Free Shipping To All Of Europe!    Over 20 Years Breeding Experience



Worldwide award winning cannabis genetics, bred from the worlds finest landrace and hybrid cannabis strains. All our cannabis seeds are regular and come in packets of 10 cannabis seeds.


Sometimes you find one that you need to have in your collection. If you’re stuck for choice from our big of cannabis seeds, these are our must have cannabis strains.


The latest and the best from our cannabis seed collection, these are our most popular cannabis seeds. Many are Cannabis Cup winning strains.


Please Note: All Apothecary Genetics cannabis seeds come in packs of 10 regular seeds.

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